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…Don't compromise your intelligence no matter how dumb you got to sound......

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mannnnn siickk RT : NAHHHH THIS EVIL


In this mother laughed..with a dash of buy me a phone

Just might do this if they allow me to bring my paintball gun and 2x4


Aiight I might just do this struggle life you speak of. After 21days it becomes a habit

..just a man with a plan...

just found the best picture on #RichKidInstagram

Dogfish Head 90min IPA x Camacho Greenleaf Jamastran ?ya move

Bout to tell the DJ to get this song cracking right quick

The clouds gearing up for a big storm in Charlotte

"I'm the only black in the club with rich yuppie kids, sad thing, this is the top where the hustlers went" Nas

Boycott deez!!!!!

"I'm the only black in the club, with rich yuppy kids. sad thing, this is the top where the hustlers went..." - Nas

My man Sall Goodman got the cream suit, red shirt, purple pocket square-n-tie rocking. Impeccable #BreakingBad

currently on chill now

I got the Purple Haze and strawberry on chill among other things