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#Witness......#Dawgs #Tarheels #Braves #Falcons.....So Just Imagine How Much Heartbreak I've Had Over The Years

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Had No Idea They Put This On The Side Of The Bank On Friday Nights

This Picture Made Me Laugh Way Harder Than It Should Have

We Got Robbed Dog

When Your Charger Get This Bad You Gotta Cherish Those Last Few Moments Before You Give Apple $30

Look. At. God.

Find Me Somebody Who Sees Two Losses On This Schedule And I'll Show You A Liar

RT : Only men praise women for being gay but then dont accept it from their own gender

Damn Man Somebody Gotta Get Stevie Franchise Some Help

Man These Comfortable Ass Cushioned Shoes Combined With These Elite Socks Got Me Feeling Like I'm Walking On A Cloud

Slightly Faded

Top 3 Track Cole Ever Spit

I Wish They Still Put This Game On Computers

Give Me Isaiah, D Wade, LeBron, Wilt, Duncan

Guess Who Thought Having A Threesome With Her Man Would Spice Things Up But Now He Fuck Her More Than You

2 New Timepieces ⌚️

Look At God

Look At God

When Y'all In The Same Room And You Get A Text And Start Smiling But Your Girl Ain't Text You

When You Clowning With Your Niggas In GroupMe But Your Girl Phone Dry