This account is for dedicated fans of Marilyn Monroe & her doll collectors. Got MM tattoos 6/14 & 7/13! Im NOT affiliated with the estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC.

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Happy Birthday Doll!! :)

Thanks to Kevin Mehegan of my Immortal Marilyn family, I have my 1st two MM plates added to my collection!

Bought another Franklin Mint MM doll yesterday, wearing this outfit! ;) #RareDoll #Marilynettes

Its kind of hard to choose but overall, i'd say that my "Movie Debut" MM doll is my fave.

Morning #Marilynettes! I love this photo of MM, dont you? (slight wardrobe malfunction)

Thats a REALLY cute star! I also have a star on my left top wrist. Wut MM tatt r u getting?

Doing more research on one of my dolls. Getting another video 2gether for my viewers soon! ;)

Official MM 50th anniversary memorial booklet, str8 4rm the memorial. 4rm Debra, part of my Immortal Marilyn fam!

Heres my package sent to me by one of my MM friends. All from the 50th memorial!

Ok, take care honey! XoXo. Its been entertaining. Heres a photo of Marilyn to remember this by. ;)

My new Franklin Mint MM "Movie Debut" Vinyl Portrait Doll!! So happy to FINALLY have this rare doll!

Cheers to our Marilyn! #MarilynMemorialToast XO

#MarilynMemorialToast a toast to our beloved Marilyn Monroe. I'll always have u in my heart.

Susan Griffiths as Marilyn Monroe. Love her in this movie!! :)

New Marilyn shirt!!! #Marilynettes

ME: I love u Norma Jeane. MARILYN: I know. :)

New to my Marilyn Monroe Collection!! A HUGE Bernard Of Hollywood™ framed 3D poster of Marilyn. :) #Marilynettes

Just bought this today. Im not at all thrilled nor surprised about what I read in this magazine about MM. #Lies

Marilyn Tattoo Idea!: I have this on my left inner forearm but mine has black lips. I love how hers has red lips!

Marilyn Tattoo Idea!: I love this one! Sharing it with u all in case someone is looking for MM tattoo ideas.