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Harry Style's secret girlfriend ♥| I dig guys with curly hair, k |Just ask for a follow back xx ~

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5Boys. 4British. 3VMAs. 2Years. 1Direction. #ProudDirectioner :')

, definitely Hawaii. You'd love to surf here, trust me. #Bring1DToHawaii xo

Who remembers Ponyboy from the Outsiders (1980s)? Harry's long lost twin, lol.


, Let's Get Naked (; ......

I miss my long hair, *dont mind my face, I was bored and ugly* ~

Paul's Angels ;)

HA ! OH MAH GAH, I'm like going CRAZY. This could be true xD

Off to bed, I can sleep happy now because I saw the boys on TV :D . BYE ! xo

The things I do with my plate lunch ......

Can I date this weirdo !? He looks damn sexy to me :3

This Imagine is VERY adorable.

This is our cookie. I'm a horrible baker, aha.

I got bored, k ?! But me and Harry would make a pretty cute baby :3

I have 5 crushes and they don't know my existence. But I LOVE them .. How about you ?


I got bored in Algebra, sooooo .... I drew a hanger.

Yes.....When I'm bored I draw, when I do homework my drawings are One Direction related. Problem?

What kind of a Directioner are you ? I'm Crazed & Over emotional. I'll RT yours :) x

Ship me please ? I'll ship ya loves later today :) x

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