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Apparently I'm ginger, but I don't agree.

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Phase 1 of the hot and cold treatment. I will be fixed for Sunday if it kills me! #sillyinjuries

Alfie the dog prepared for his beauty sleep

Oh my what a great day! Shame about losing the hood to my coat :/ #rugby #scrum #cmonirish

firs guiness of thr day with disco rod!

who needs a hot water bottle when you've got a soppy dog called alfie?! #puppylove

donlt think Charlie likes being put in the boot!

made a snail out of bluetac....#artisticgenius

my snowdog in his natural habitat #snow #dogtweet

wow, look how much we got through last night #NYE #messy

how did this bruise happen to my foot? Find out who did it&terrorist them for me?

me and
aka keith lemon

my dogs only on my bed so he can wait till i'm asleep and then eat all my Christmas chocolates in my room, #fickle #caughtout

#sleepymummy don't think she likes doctor who...


what on earth poassessed my parents to buy this to give to relatives! #badpicture

uhoh #breakfast #burnt

ah mum got me these on her way back from work so me &dad can go out in ma car tomorrow :D #keepofftheroads

Awwwwh the house is feeling Christmassy!

the smiley face is crying!! (don't get excited it's not magic just condensation

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