Justin Yoong


A 3rd person Tweeter who loves fine dining, slow jams, performance cars and poking dead things with a stick. Opinions are his Mums.

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It’s definitely bubbling up out there !

thinks it’s definitely bubbling up out there.

thinks everyone should take some advice from Yoda.

and Archie are both upset that the weekend is over.

Gone too soon.

highly recommends ’s Brunch Degustation!

is having a Brunch Degustation at !

helped Archie with a ‘Selfie’.

thought he’d share a shot of after his fourth walk today.

thought he’d show everyone his Saturday Morning Alarm Clock.

would love to be laying under the Sun on South Beach again with .

struggled to wake Archie up this morning.

can’t wait for dinner done by Chef Tyler this evening!

and visited Leeuwin Estate this afternoon.

thinks has no idea where he is and probably misses his toys.

thanks for letting him know a delivery is ready for pickup AFTER it had been picked up.

is bidding farewell to the long weekend, but next weekend is another long weekend for him!

and Archie are surely not the happiest today.

noticed that Archie is also too nervous to watch. #AFLGF #GoFreo

quite likes his new 42mm thrash-about.

is tired. So so tired.