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I'm a hockey player turned professional golfer.I love Subway. I hate Shooter. If you doubt my authenticity just ask @_ChubbsPeterson or @DanicaPatrick

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Breaking: Buffalo Bills finally apply franchise tag.

Hey, I'll see you guys there? ": Go time. #NFLCombine"

ah, the simple days.

want breakfast??

In case you guys were wondering who Jeremy Lin's father is.... Just take a guess....

Happy wants to thank his good buddy for sending him this. #hockeytemper

Snooki's yearbook picture

Look what Happy found. What a disgrace it's only 99 cents.

Hey, who's watching the Pro Bowl this year?

I hit that guy too? He shouldn't have been standing there either.

Chubbs hard at work during arts and crafts time.

Oh no.... It happened again.....

You have a second profession I didn't know about?

got you beat today

Want to find your happy place? Ask then go out and buy this

Just in case you guys were wondering.....

Heard you're picking Denver to win today?

Hey, I'll see you at the Waterbury Open tomorrow?

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