just an ordinary teenager, living life the best I could with @_AlvinJames by my side. 

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This is what looked like right now xD

Hair curled, make up done, and I'm staying home :D

Apparently this is a part of my anemia. It's getting worse. You can't really tell from this picture though. :c

I love these c:

Alvin likes to make fun of my drawings cx

Ahaaa I'm goood.

Fuck. Yes.

Aha I'm soo good.


Ohh my gahh.

Finished coloring my movie poster project for English. I'm an artist. He's supposed to have a humpback.

Mother went a little crazy at Porto's

Frozen yogurt with all kinds of healthy shit on top c:

Me and my babe got these weird Japanese sodas, wish us luck cx

These are the only ones that I have >.<

How cute ! c:

There's just something about this little brat, I love making her cry c:

This is what happens...

"no homo no homo!"

My cute boyfriend eating Nathans chicken tenders at 12am :D ahahaha awwwwwwhhh

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