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Buck toothed assailant.

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:'D RT : Didn't Roger de Kak lead Santos into relegation? :-/

RT : Whomever should enter this restroom upon my exiting shall be of great courage.

RT : Asher Roth the greatest white rapper ever. DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE EMINEM. DON'T CARE

RT : Can animals be racist?

RT : Hey Boo (,**) RT _Dee_N_A I get a deep thrill when a female gets a sports joke. \?/

Hey I don't know why but this made me think of you.

Opinions.....they really are like assholes.


RT : Let me sleep. Goodnight

I'm bored......so I google. Poor guy :'D

SMH NO Nikka! RT : _Dee_N_A lol. What's her handle. Wana see what they on about

My GF.....RT : How are those involuntary diets this month going?

Good Morning.......

RT : What's that ? :/ "_Dee_N_A: Tell that to umntu one drop. RT : You never k


Bond, James Bond.

RT : So what will NatGeo write on their screen on the 21st?

Ukhuza ntoni nana? RT : oh hayi thiza wam :''(

Waiiit........RT : RT _Dee_N_A: RT if you're gay.