Aspiring game designer. Graphic artist, writer, animator, amateur voice actor and programmer. Let's player in my free time.

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The other day, when we were talking about presents, you said that all you wanted was me, and that if I did get, or make you something, it would mean more to you if it had some thought put into it (which I do try to do with every gift.)
So, for our six months together, I made a cake, with my soul ^^ (Erm...symbolically, that is. The orb is just a spell, which I'll take off when we eat XD)

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Here you go. Made the numbers red too, for your convenience =p

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Original vs Finished

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For you, my love.

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Oh, cool. They added lillypads =3

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Holy.... O_O

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MAJOR water lighting bug in 1.9 pre-release.

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Um....really weird Minecraft crash report...(View in full screen =p)

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One last preview. Wasn't going to post another, but this was to cool to pass up XD

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Another hint. Or preview of sorts. This is going to be awesome XD!

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A hint at one of my first, upcoming Minecraft series. Note: Those are NOT glitched chunks. You can fall down it!

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Woah, double crystal hearts all the way across the cavern O_O What does it mean...

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Underground in Terraria. Just got through the rock layer. Now searching for the elusive cow layer..Hm.....

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An Aether boss. Came across this kind twice, not entirely sure if there is more than one kind. It will appear as a giant, inactive block at first. Hit it with an axe to activate, and harm it (Diamond, or Aether grade equivalent material preferably. Even with those, it takes a LONG time, dunno about anything lower) Two stages by the way. The blue eyes here, and red eyes. Red eyes might be stronger. Not quicker though.

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First Aether dungeon ^_^ Just finished. It was very short though, just two rooms. Weapon I'm holding in the pic is the hammer of Notch XD

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A beautiful sky that was the result of a huge storm last night o.O Didnt catch it on my good camera unfortunately...looked alot better than the picture even does.

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Since I was missing you today, I made this....<3

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*sings like Marik* ♫Chibi little maaaan♫

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Alright, there! My improvement in artwork from the very start to where I am now! Point A-E = MONUMENTAL improvement! (NOTE: They arent the same sword!)

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