Aspiring game designer. Graphic artist, writer, animator, amateur voice actor and programmer. Let's player in my free time.

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My gf, 's rendition of my latest painting. This is what you have to look forward to tomorrow XD

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Now and forever, my soul will belong to you <3

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The two halves have been united....

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Shit just got real.

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My entry for the first ever #oversoulcontest (re-uploaded since twitpic's back up)

The piper (based off of the Pied Piper of course). He wields an enchanted, short bladed katana with a long wooden handle that doubles as a flute. He is rarely seen using the blade, for he typically has the music and rats doing his bidding..
Element: Shadow?
Speech Bubble Line: This is your final song...
Attack animations: Fabricating song notes with his flute that hurt his opponent, as well as occasional sword attacks (which he always holds backwards so he can play the flute with ease when he needs to. I imagined him holding it backwards in his idle stance as well). Ultimate attack would be him playing his song and summoning a hoard of rats to attack his opponent. I was going to draw out all of these animations, but since this is being judged over the weekend, I figured I didn't have much time XD

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Did some practice yesterday ^^ credit for the original goes to (original can be found here http://twitpic.com/asmv0l).

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Huge quality difference....icon from nearly two years ago on the right. Current icon on the left.

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Hey ! I made a painting of you! Tried to make it as realistic, and true to the god of Minecraft as possible.

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  • 25,878

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Also, here is the original of each before I made them all artsy x3 (Also, keep in mind that everything I've been describing was intended to be an interactive animation xP...)

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...and when you open the locket, you see a picture of each of us in the heart shaped outline of the locket*

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*when you open the box, a golden locket lay at the bottom of it, glimmering with light as you take the cover off....

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I'm nerding so hard right now XD look at what just got here.

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It's on the way!

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Remember how I said it was coming?.....

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It's coming....

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Egyptian numbers =3 and yes, 1,000 does look like pacman XD

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And original vs final version

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