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Last Monday, i didn't think i would reach over 100 points! #StartedFromTheBottomNowWereHere lol!


You woke up like this... You woke up like this. #Flawless

Had a blast playing Call Of Duty: Ghosts - with and ! This was Meggy playing Infected. Lol

Becca needs to make sure she doesn't hurt a hair on Clem's head!

Me and are very protective over Clementine! #DontMessWithClem

We had a great Halloween!

We had a great Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Chucky sure knows how to celebrate...

Happy Halloween! Chucky sure knows how to celebrate...

So, My friend is a little excited for NYCC...

Saints Row 4 character creator... It seemed only natural to create Pennsatucky!!! Lol.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is only two years older, and Jennifer Love Hewitt is the same age.

Bianca Lawson does not age!

Can we all have a moment to take this in?! Bring on the

OMG has killed me with "The Maze Runner" pictures. This movie is going to be awesome!

Did you see this?! Seriously crazy... LOL. She wrote this, i saw it in her mentions. Lol.

OMG! Dylan needs to come to London Comic Con next year. I need to touch this. LOL.

Hey Holland, do you think i can pull of being a red head? LOL!!!

Dear , I think i speak on behalf of everyone affected by the Autosave glitch on #TheLastOfUs

Epic! Thanks!! Each video we make a collage of peoples comments. This was from out first two vids. Lol