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i'm a nice person,spreading smiles like they're herpes, BUT i tend to come off as a bit asshole only to those who irritating me or have given me a reason

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u jel of my bf dont you? hahahaha :'D

'hillary clinton the nutcracker' haha ok I can see where it goes :D

cut it off you both! now here....

happy birthday mom. W/ :D



selamat pagi juga mas pacar =_=


Paris, please take good care of this for me <3

Paris, please take good care of this for me <3

he just sent me his best photo so I can sleep well tonight. not sure about this. :'D

memburu bange tikooos >


jadi beginilah rupo temlen ku,avi ne wernowerni, who am i following?

'This tweet contains too many characters. You'll have to be smarter.' ;)

beans, vegetables, apple + soy bean milk. vegetarian sampai batas waktu tertentu :p

tadi abis joging mampir ke Hastoyo Jamu bar. jamunye sedaaaap sangaaaaad laaaah :p

please? mahaha

my hair!!!! hahahaha, kinda love it anyway :) #geeky

nonton bre? . mihikhikhik :'( :'(

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