Carmela Soprano


Jeezy wanna grow up to be just like me. Click clack bang baby girl. I'm a nice girl with trap tendencies.

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RT : My god I hate these niggas RT : fuccck is this ?

RT : What is this SIR? RT : Ladies crying over a guy, na stop pick your head up princess, your Tierra is falling

RT : hi LC... whatever u ate yesterday made your nut taste awesome last night. ok bye.

*slides this across tl*

Not hot?

RT : This Carmela Soprano chick just caught my eye...

That was so hoeish I keep reading it like mannnn why'd I say that

RT : I think she trolling.

RT : lmao @ when it gets the error and you think you broke it I hate that shit

My twin and I

And then and then RT : Deadass just watched this man in line call his girl the wrong name

6th birthday at the beach RT : 8. Twitpic yourself on your birthday #NobleQuest

Kratos RT : Do you have a pet?

Holy shit. I am cursed with love for light skin men.

what should I name my dog?

RT : Said good morning to my world now it's morning to the world

Fucking dead