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Atlas Gatlings, Hydra Bow, Hydra Rapier, Ronin Katanas (color custom), Dragonfire Spear (also CC), and hydra pet!

  • 615 days ago via site
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Shocase shop armors!:D Dragon Hunter (color custom), Hydra Hunter, Ronin Hunter (color custom), and Titan Hunter:)

  • 615 days ago via site
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10 naval guitars for you guys! Hope I didn't miss any. =p Enjoy! :)

  • 622 days ago via site
  • 1,000

A guitar inspired by the Bracken Bass! :D Yay octopus!

  • 624 days ago via site
  • 826

Color custom skull guitars? No problem! Are you guys ready for Talk Like A Pirate Day?!?!

  • 625 days ago via site
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You could say being a pirate was in his heart! HAHA! He died representing what he loved most... Enjoy!

  • 629 days ago via site
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The Hydra battle pet, that the Hydra Hunter set is themed off of ;D Enjoy the only preview for my shop xD(its big)

  • 631 days ago via site
  • 786

Pirate Angler set, are you guys ready for TLAPD? ;D A sharkless version will come out as well. Enjoy! ^_^

  • 638 days ago via site
  • 879

You guys know him as the Swordhaven Sludgelord. I know him as moldy ice cream! :D enjoy! xD

  • 645 days ago via site
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My personal set redesigned <3 Hope you guys like it! It won't be in my FA shop, but I may release it in the future

  • 651 days ago via site
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Some creepy things live in the damp labyrinth under Swordhaven

  • 653 days ago via site
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I made a falcon. :3 You guys can have him though. <3

  • 658 days ago via site
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Necromancer Emperor set, with dual necro gatling guns, necro sceptre, two new helms, and a fun new cape. ;)

  • 664 days ago via site
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It's dangerous to go alone! Take one of these!

  • 672 days ago via site
  • 414

Say hello to the king of lag. This is a redesign of a monster I made last year, look at my improvement! :D

  • 697 days ago via site
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I never uploaded this. This was my contest entry that I forgot to enter. Whoops! =p

  • 699 days ago via site
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Nodens, my personal sword - the rapier for a true monster hunter.

  • 703 days ago via site
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New energy swords coming, for you fancier lot that are too rich for real swords.

  • 706 days ago via site
  • 518

Fiend Hunter, for those who haven't forgotten the war. Pet, Armor, Helm, and Sword all part of the set. Enjoy!

  • 720 days ago via site
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The Angel sword! :D Its purty. I forgot about twitpic when I originally uploaded it. whoops.

  • 727 days ago via site
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