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Yeah. And mine differs depending on whom you ask:

Whoops. Looks like I misspelled it on her birthday. :\ Shame about the last bit, but it can be overcome.

This happened:

Who likes The Emperor's New Groove? Kronk's animator (Trevor Tamboline) came through my line today! #squee

Many of my followers would appreciate the bathroom reading at 's house. ? ?

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a

Saw this on a business sign; style looks familiar. Anyone know who drew it? #furry #griffon

I didn't know Maui was known for its broncos or for its cowboys.

You realize, of course, that you linked to a page for a word with one definition.

RT Phone....what are you doing....

This is good advice for geocachers. I've yet to observe anyone but me doing numbers three and four. :(

This poor guy was contorted on his back when I came outside. He let me get this close. I'm thinking he won't last.

I should've brought more stone bricks.

YouTube is all… I know what ZorkFox likes! Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft, Pinkie Pie, Minecr…

These just showed up. I'm a bit late getting to the reading for this week….

This came my way via , who knows me well. http://www.playingdeadthecomic.com/2014/02/18/wwswd/ And reminds me of this #CAH card:

Apparently, beacon lighting is considered quite the concept here. At least there have been relatively few gold blocks.

A cute little flower shop called My Only Sunshine.

I know this sort of thing is totally unavoidable, but it always amuses me.

This is just inside the door of one of this building's upper rooms. I'm genuinely surprised I didn't fall to my doom.