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Oh. And because I also haven't said this for a while, FUCK YOU, MINECRAFT ENCHANTING SYSTEM.

By the way, your UI has a bug:

Really, water?

Redstone weirdness example: these two contraptions are not, as you might think, the same.

Redstone contraption comments. Otherwise, how will I know what it does next time I look?

Whole car park empty? Park awkwardly next to the only vehicle present. —Canadians

Really badly randomized loot, though. :(

I've never found a dungeon spawner that was so accurately enclosed by gravel infall.

Now that I've got my foxy paws under me, as it were, things aren't looking too bad.

A whole herd of donkeys! I didn't think they spawned with so many.

This one is built right on the river in proper Egyptian style. It'd make a nice temporary base.

One does not question the Minecraft gods:

With eggs, pumpkins, and sugar. How else? XD

I've had this card twice tonight. My friends know how to respond.

Rage-quit if you want to use a horse. -1424260876298892839

That's one huge desert.

While helping Mom prepare to move, we came across this guy. Stupidly, I can't bring myself to throw him away. ;______;

If one of you who has my phone number did this, shame on you. :(

Oh my god! Is that… is that a SAVANNAH?! (Arguably a fancy forest, but still….)

Finally! A desert! Of course, it's 3000 kiloblocks from my house….