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Yeah! Loosening up those atrophied InDesign skills!

What the heck? I wonder if this means you could be trapped in the nether and still get regular food.

Damn it.

This seems to be one nether fortress directly on top of another. Odd.

. It's a toss-up between this: and this:

It's no grue repellant, but it's such a good price!

Pack of fools.

Ooh. Intersecting ravines.

At this stage, I'm almost ready to give over the whole project and just keep them all in a huge pen. What a nightmare.

Time to tear it all out. Again. This is what I get for trying a design different from the one I know works.

Oh. And because I also haven't said this for a while, FUCK YOU, MINECRAFT ENCHANTING SYSTEM.

By the way, your UI has a bug:

Really, water?

Redstone weirdness example: these two contraptions are not, as you might think, the same.

Redstone contraption comments. Otherwise, how will I know what it does next time I look?

Whole car park empty? Park awkwardly next to the only vehicle present. —Canadians

Really badly randomized loot, though. :(

I've never found a dungeon spawner that was so accurately enclosed by gravel infall.

Now that I've got my foxy paws under me, as it were, things aren't looking too bad.

A whole herd of donkeys! I didn't think they spawned with so many.