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See, ? This is only one of the many reasons we find you annoying.

Sigh. I never plan anything very well. I just slap down blocks and hope.

Hello, roofed forest.

If only you knew, Twitter… if only you knew…!

Crossed ravines!

Natural mob trap.

My first horse!


I think there are still some quirks of terrain generation that need to be worked out.

I've never seen a large chest in a dungeon before.

It's always gratifying to find an abandoned mineshaft so early in a Minecraft career.

Wow. I'm out of practice.

My little face when all my suggestions for a better workplace are shot down or ignored.

My life is spent going up and down these stairs.

Very anxious to know why some leaves are uncolored and wrongly textured.

Asymmetric teams you say? Killed to death you say. Oh my.

Whoever is responsible for compositing this cover should be shot. That the Blu-ray is German-only is also inexcusable.

Muahahahahahahahaaaa! Yes! Finally! @

Developers. What the fuck did I just say to you the other night about passwords?