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WHY the FUCK is Twitter displaying animated gifs as FLASH MOVIES?!

Twitter: Your profile header has been successfully changed.
Me: Cool.

Quite creepy:

I'm so damn tired of this. Java 6 was released in 2007! I have newer stuff, morons!

. is taunting me (and lots of people in my stream):

I've no idea what all this stuff is for. I used to think of myself as a power user.

My water glass had no strong opinion on the matter, one way or the other.

You know, I'm getting an AWFUL lot of these dialog boxes since I switched to Mavericks. I am NOT pleased.

Relevant: RT thanks phone

This is so true.

This is exactly the sort of thing I want my phone to do, but everywhere.

Who'd've thought ~/Library/Appliation Support would contain so much stuff? O_O

Wait. Seriously? ! Help!

OH THANK GOD. This is what things are supposed to look like.

I love it when "Member since…" statistics are so precise.

I love it when "Member since…" statistics are so precise.

Do it, filly!

Of course, they just have to congregate around the doorway.

Yeah! Loosening up those atrophied InDesign skills!

What the heck? I wonder if this means you could be trapped in the nether and still get regular food.