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*Kicks tumbleweed out of the way* Oh hey there! So, um, yeah. Small progress happened. #dejenol #mordorchronicles

  • 1549 days ago via site
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Why doesn't your content matching system allow me to contest a match as "incorrectly identified"?

  • 1573 days ago via site
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Sad but true: Warmaster Tydus would rather explode than be defeated by a crack team of charr. #GW2beta

  • 1582 days ago via site
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Carefully sidestepping the requirement to think too hard for the moment, added handling of invisible monsters.

  • 1619 days ago via site
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Only a small bit of progress on Mordor: Chronicles, mainly on adjusting the character info screen...

  • 1625 days ago via site
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I was just making sure the last touches to equipping items worked, when I see this...

  • 1631 days ago via site
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Mordor: Chronicles stores most of its data in plain text (pretty colours are overrated!) #ScreenshotSaturday

  • 1631 days ago via site
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Baffled about the project I am working on? Me too, most of the time! It's a demake of this... #ScreenshotSaturday

  • 1631 days ago via site
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Just another Mordor: Chronicles screenshot that looks exactly like the others I've tweeted in the past. OR IS IT?

  • 1632 days ago via site
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Happy! A traveller arrives earlier than expected. Alas, others seem decidely less interested... #GW2

  • 1669 days ago via site
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There is a chance my item information pane may yet need some tweaking.

  • 1682 days ago via site
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The unnamed, unofficial and may-always-be-unfinished Project is continuing...

  • 1710 days ago via site
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Heavens. I can barely see through all this dust I'm kicking up... fear the coder art interface of doom!

  • 1713 days ago via site
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So, yep. Confusion reigns and I'm getting absolutely soaked. See how long before inevitable project death happens!

  • 1714 days ago via site
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Minecraft + Ravines + Mineshafts = Silly. But still great fun!

  • 1808 days ago via site
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To illustrate my point further. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN

  • 1812 days ago via site
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