Beautiful black girl rescued from CPL born in a litter tray 25/8/01 Big sisfur to @FlobyDoby1 I'm not fat I'm big boned. Proud supporter #wlf

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Fanks fur adventure honourable capt and fanks to fur lift home. Crashing by fire now #CPNH

Here have some scotch egg #CPNH

Here's ur scotch egg chaser #CPNH

Morning smokey *waves paw* I'm well fanks. How's you? Sunny day here. Sun puddles all over #wlf

Cheers KP. Will wash it down wiv dis

Here you are pals. Dis is cup cake #caykclub

Flo's just had face washed 

We can not come to ancient Egypt but here is box of nip cakes fur journey #slae

Will bring nip cake we can eat it on journey #slae

Will be there fur part. And will bring nip cake to eat on journey #slae

Great new fur do Chloe. Here is another pic of me with the mousie I catched 

Oooh! How exciting. Here comes pic...