Beautiful black girl rescued from CPL born in a litter tray 25/8/01 Big sisfur to @FlobyDoby1 I'm not fat I'm big boned. Proud supporter #wlf

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Oh dear v rainy fur you. Keeps changing here. Sunny at mo

You welcome any time. Another rainy day here, so I'm going to stay in bed x

Not warm here either. You want to share our fire?

MOL! Dat must be why Flo got flat face :)

I'm watching rain now. Glad I have indoor toilet *sniggers*

Flo quite placid. Just watches - and sneezes on windows! MOL!

Flo says hello too xx She watching rain  xx

You do a great jib Benny xx I'm snuggled up wiv my blankie :)

My sis Flo gets on bed soon as staff does and stays all night I get on and off. I lay under radiators

Sis Flo interfering. She stole da mouse!! #GSSR

I'm doing some last minute preparation #GSSR

Flo trying to do a 'Dugal'

My new hiding place. It's great, I leave masses of black fur all over cream chair :)

Hi Chloe *paw wave* Hope u well. We off to bed. Nite nite xx Flo stole my bed :(

Dis is Flo

Me :)

Flo agsin