Beautiful black girl rescued from CPL born in a litter tray 25/8/01 Big sisfur to @FlobyDoby1 I'm not fat I'm big boned. Proud supporter #wlf

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She is such a pretty little girl. Her pic doesn't do her justice

We been to see She told us you saw her another time :)

Hey efuryone our staff just been to meet She very pretty

Is dis close up enough Chloe? Is pic we have already. Will make staff do another one if not

Hello Henry. All good here fanks. My old teddy sends his regards to you and hopes you well 

fanks you. Dat is lubberly compliment. is my stylist. styles my sis Flo

Fanks fur follow Theodore. Here are my teddy pals #wlf

Flo been to vet fur check on dodgy eye and mouth. He says she look better than he ever seen :)

Tis only way. FlobyDoby1 must never know this, but in v beginning staff considered sending her away.

Here is pic of me #wigitup Hope it ok

This is my tree. All da birdies gather under it and I watch from window

Hi Nerissa, Hope all ok wiv feral kittehs  This is pic of our blossom tree x

You do have a hearty appetite!

Here have this as peace offering as some greedy cat ate all fish

Flo well fanks. Here is pic of her practising yoga

Shiny new toy 

In the Apple shop

Hello there *waving paws* I very well fanks you  just chilling