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Just a girl, standing in front of Twitter, asking it to love her. @MillerCoors/@TenthandBlake #emp. Tweets = My opinions only. #beer #Chicago #travel #STS135

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BTW, here is that Coconut Cake I was raving about.

My reward for being the last person to check into this hotel tonight: a bathroom that's a giant shower. #somanydrains

Boarding call for Paris making me nostalgic. Selfies were so much harder 8 years ago.

Bolognese fries from is street fest food at it's finest.

Friday. #allIdoiswin

I don't want to get greedy but I got two really good fortunes at lunch today.

Hey I think you need more Blue Line shuttles at Western this evening. Dozens of passengers w/luggage, one bus.

. is mawwwweeeeed

Wedding cakes are ovah. It's all about the insane dessert spread. #bacondonuts #OpitzCurry

Gorgeous reception site. Congrats #OpitzCurry!

Gorgeous reception site. Congrats #OpitzCurry!

Maureen is super pumped for the #OpitzCurry reception!

. always hooks the ladies up.

Large march down Clark in the Loop right now protesting ISIS, asking for support for Christian Assyrians.

If wants to hang with me we have to roll on my schedule.


Went to run errands sans umbrella, now camped out in an oversize windowsill.

Back at you, tomato.

The newest in sweet ass eyewear. I'm a cyborg. Deal with it.

The humidity is drifting away and it's turning into a gorgeous day at #BeerCampTour