I am Abyss Sora. i Play AQW draw things from the game 2 either digital or on paper mostly paper tho.

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Next pic currently working on..... TARZAN!!

my fav disney movie Hope u guys like line art so far :D

  • 79 days ago via site
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FINISHED :D Hope u guys like it :3

  • 80 days ago via site
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Almost done wif it gunna finish it 2day hopefully and i hope u guys like it

  • 80 days ago via site
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Just a WIP of Dante from dmc hope u like it :D

  • 81 days ago via site
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Decided 2 draw Satsuki from Kill La Kill Love the show so far

And will color this

Hope u like it :D

  • 85 days ago via site
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Finished it Hope u guys like it :D

  • 89 days ago via site
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Almost finished with this kid buu pic still wip :3
Hope u like it so far

  • 89 days ago via site
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yup just drew jon snow form game of thrones WINTER IS COMMING 2MOROW :D

  • 98 days ago via site
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soulwaver came out in aqw and reminded me of tomix...his appearence changed and i felt like drawing him XD

  • 111 days ago via site
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A quick sketch of galanoth but ima try to make semi real if possible Hope u guys like it

  • 232 days ago via site
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Another redraw quickie of aqw character this one is Alina

  • 232 days ago via site
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Yup Artix sketch AQW version since regular he has longer hair

about 5 10 mins tops

  • 235 days ago via site
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Another Beleen sketch. srry how they way it looks i need a new phone. and its vry light cause ima try n digital it

  • 397 days ago via site
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A Quck Beleen Drawing during HSA testing Algebra. Did not need to take cause already passed mine :D

  • 418 days ago via site
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Another rough sketch...BUT this time its J6....BANG BANG!

Done with: Wacom Tablet
Program used: Paint Tool Sai

  • 430 days ago via site
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Just made a quickie I no I haven't posted anything in a while..BUT a quick sketch of dage walking out of blue fire

  • 430 days ago via site
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ZOMBIE DIABLO! just thought of a what if. What if diablo came back...but as a zombie....ya Diablo 4 lol imagine :D

  • 486 days ago via site
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My imvu avatar I edited to make it look betetr and a bit realistic :D

  • 522 days ago via site
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learning comic style art but for my first try i drew robina form aqw and it looks nice :3

  • 570 days ago via site
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a sketch of batman and robin.
From the movie Batman under the red hood awsome movie :D

  • 576 days ago via site
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