Zelah Harford


20.Cornish curvy ginger werido. sous chef. quailified numpty strolling into adulthood.

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Potential dress to wear at my friends wedding on saturday.. Yay or nay? Its navy blue but the colour doesn't show well

Mango and vanilla baked cheesecake *proud face* :D

Cuddles with pheebs :)

This always gives me a giggle.. Accidental innuendo

I am a genius. With a slightly weird mind. Facebook emotions telling a funny story to

I had hardly any hair till I was about 2. I must be 4 in this pic. Haha. So cute ;D x

Who's this little bald cutie.. Oh wait.. Its me :P (what happened) ahaha

Dad is sat behind me and acting a fool. Silly pic time. Like father, like daughter :D

One side of it is like a unlaced shoe

I did a drawing. His name is burt, he has a schlong for a nose.

It may not look like its raining but tis pouring it doooooown

some days I wish I was a cat. Just so I could sleep like my cat

Those times when you wake up& your cat has taken most of your bed. Morning

It squirted all down my top. Dirty tasty fruit...

I be having one of these bewtys.. Squshed peach. Try one :)

Todays buys :) stunning day with gran. Pasty for dinner and had afters down at work :)

Only in tavistock...

Today is 'pink mac' day. Not of my choice. But its safe to say I'm irresistible* in this.. Right? Hahaa #no

Well somebody is all snug