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Abrahamic Apostate. SubGenius Curmudgeon. I disrespect ALL beliefs NOT just yours DONT take it personal. Irrational reason w/a side order of snark.

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They're here. They're queer. GET OVER IT! (from a pic tweeted)

  • 1365 days ago via site
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Boo! ...did i scare ya? huh? did I?

  • 1371 days ago via site
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Y'know #Castle's has an awesome smile. Beckett's always so ..unsmiley most of the time.

  • 1374 days ago via site
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Ever typed out "LOL" when you really didn't mean it? This is what it looks like.

  • 1388 days ago via site
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was gonna be serious and poignant about this, but that would have been wrong, so I made a sick joke instead.

  • 1395 days ago via site
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Riffing off a pic supplied by ..imagine James Earl Jones is reading it to you. #LolCat

  • 1417 days ago via site
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"Enough on Mars.." a #quote put to a pic of him looking at like he is an idiot.

  • 1423 days ago via site
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LaughGirl was originally one of Sinestro's artificial life constructs, so some days are worse than others.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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"Last week you said Harley was into me. She kicked my ass." "See? I was right!"

  • 1427 days ago via site
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"I should ask Kara out, Selina? What if she says no?" "Just keep eye contact, and you're in. I'm serious."

  • 1427 days ago via site
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My light archer assassin LaughGirl on the move. This shot was a lot harder to get than it looks.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Selina and I share some hobbies. Here we're watching a rich lady shower thru her bathroom window. Good times.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Here's me sneaking up on Luthor during the last "Xmas party." He totally didn't see this coming. Good times.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Here's my Captain Wonder. Lvl 30 hero Brawling Acrobat w/Ice powers. Tricky to play. Moves like an ornery mule.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Here I'm getting schooled again by The Titans. I dunno why they were so mad that tanker was gonna blow up anyway.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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LaughGirl is my only lvl 30 villain w/superspeed, yellow ring powers + bow weapon. Joker is her mentor.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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This was a bad guy named #SubGenius. I had to send him up the river. [bad toon design but good name].

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Here's me + Grayson about to kick Bane's ass again. Had fish tacos and flight attendants that night. Good times.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Here's me + Bats kickin' it Old School. We ordered chinese takeout. Went on a panty raid. Good times.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Here's me + Supes hanging out on rooftops of Metropolis. We ordered pizza. Whistled at some babes. Good times.

  • 1427 days ago via site
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