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reposting for ppl who couldn't see it last time. Iran recently censored Michelle Obama's Oscar appearance..

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It's a reverse burqua. Get it? it's funnier when you hear her say it.

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gods or no gods, "it doesn't change what is right." a bit of Beta Ray Bill. cc #atheism #skeptic

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"If it's any consolation, you can keep the dog with you." This is a sequel to this

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To all my #SubGenius brethren and sistren and otheren.. Merry XistsMas and a Happy Last Year on Earth!

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Secret Elephant Society describes in WorldHistory

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"Fails of the WEEK (not weak)" "Its called word play, dumbass." via

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This ain't the first Armageddon I've survived. In fact, I'm getting pretty good at this!

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photo courtesy i mite could come up w/half dozen of these but this one's funniest in my head.

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It says on the box, "Do not open till Xmas" and ceiling cat is watching.

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photo by the quote is from William Goldman and thanks to for the inspiration.

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Sir Patrick Moore visiting Texas circa 1969. Note the pipe. Note the brow. Was he secretly a #SubGenius?

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"The squirrels are at the bird feeder again!" CrankShaft 11/27/12 by Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers | Love this image.

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In honor of Sir Patrick Moore's diligence against fox hunting. Original image by Peter Mather called First Light.

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Morpheus meets Hob Gadling in a pub, then grants him immortality. From Neil Gaiman's Sandman series (via DC)

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Patrick Stewart soliloquy of B for Sesame Street. "If beginneth be a word!"

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Pic of a kid looking for biblical evidence. retiring this profile pic. wanted to save it somewhere b4 i did.

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this won't last long. wanted visual documentation to prove I once had exactly 3456 followers. why? cuz!

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I didn't cry at the bunny face but this image has stuck w/me since childhood: Courageous Hiawatha!

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