When you lie to me, Say goodbye to me. Real is something I am, not something I try to be...(2819245371 for booking)

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Soooo, just got kiccd out the Sheraton in fort worth, so now I gotta get a room from these guys.

look at this shit right here. Me and ain't doin a king of the streets tour. supposed to be a s.u.c. show. so, really??

as Gu Ferigno.....

Damn shame.

Go buy 10 of my nigga new CDs. B.R.A.E.(being real ain't easy) #chuuuuuch

So, I'm at this studio in Dallas right now. Tell me, what the fucc is wrong with these headphones? I mean, daaaaaaaamn!!!!

My bro sung "I hate you bitch" on his new mixtape....already! aka 2cups #chuuuuuuuuuuuch!

Fuccin around in Mo City

My Nigga/brother is Bacc on the streets like he never left. "Tha Hogga's Bacc" coming soon....

Me and

Follow my Nigga china mike

I'm like a buffet; I feed so many folks, still I'm like a fucc a friend; just me and some spinnin spokes. Chuuuuuuuuuch!

Me and at Pappadeaux. Street niggaz eat salads too! Lol

It's hot as hell outside, so I got my trusty money fan to keep cool.

I know I had performed a daytime/nighttime event yesterday so I missed your call homie

Southside Smokeshop in a couple hours. 5200 the mixtape being sold inside the Smokeshop starting at 5pm.

gained a Lil weight after masturbating.

At ihop in fort worth, was too short to sit at the table!!!! Booster seat on boys!!!!

Bout to give away this Lil remote control slab to a Lil elementary dude with good grades. Details later tonight.

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