I'm ゾンビ モンロー I draw anime.

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Cha-ching cha-ching we got hydroponic love and we're smokin'

: never heard of that hedgehog lol” you didn't? oh man

Your song came on, ha ha

Oh, shit.

Someone bring me some meds, tea, and this guy.


Eun ninja jack'd me, still love her though.

It was saya, no one guessed it right :-(

Me and my grandma's convos > she's an OG



Just woke up, oh boy.

My gf is awesome ;-)

all in my twitpics dude. I just drew this.

And settling down till I find someone just like ash, lol

Nah, I didn't know it was monday.

Lmfao, my mom wyling.

I miss my baby :-(

Aw, my uncle steven think he a G cause he on the cover :-)