I been OG'n this since Adam called Eve a bitch.

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Came out of Nordstrom, saw this asshole parked too close for my mom to get in the car.

Not only did I slam TWO of my fingers today, but I left my fucking fruit snacks in the car by accident.

I know. I'm such a fuckin' sneakerhead.

My mother hinted that it'd be nice if I wore a dress to this cookout. So, yeah.

'Cause I don't have shit else to do while my mother looks for an outfit.


No, I don't know his name. But he's in the Army. And his name is George.

First drink. 'Cept now I'm six drinks in. But yeah, my cousin and I.

First legal drink. Hollaaaaaa!

So.... Am I a Nike? Maybe a Steve Madden? Or a nice Oxford? Wish she'd been more specific.

My cat and I are going to take a nap now. Waking up at 5am for work has me sleepy as hell.

Fuckin' Elk Grove, man.

I'm so confused.

Her eyebrows, they look like apostrophes.

Ho went outside for ten minutes, came in and passed out.

Ask what he just did....with a flower in his hand.

I think I found my birthday shoe winner. Nice and simple, champagne satin.

Birthday heels. I dreamt about them, so I figure that means I'm meant to have em.

Just found these, I think I love them.

Gym time. Summer coming late gives me extra time to get ready for it.