I been OG'n this since Adam called Eve a bitch.

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Hey lil mama. I miss yo face.

Yes I can.

Because, boredom. Lemme go find something to do.

Promise I have shorts on.


Stranger: Excuse me, are you Black?

Me: Yes.

Him: DAYUM, I ain't never seen no Black girl like you!


Can't fault my employees for trying...

The length test.

I mean.... Plies said it, so....

One day, Don is going to change his number and not tell me.

Bitch, I got chicken.

And then I found my 7th grade schedule. How have I kept this shit this long?

The ONE time I fit the stereotype. Dammit, . I thought she wouldn't notice.

I asked to save me a donut. He gives me one that looks like a penis. With sprinkles. That's love.

One of the guys at work just brought me this. A proposal might be next.

Why the fuck is this in my inbox? Explain it to me.