We're a self-serve frozen yogurt lounge with 12 fresh yogurt flavors and 30+ toppings to choose from each day! :)

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Skip holiday lines. We have gift cards! Pick up in-store, most locations close 5-6PM tonight! #GiftYumiliciously

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Got just a few more Chocolate Peppermint #YoPies left @ Greenville! Call 214-360-9864 to put one on hold for ya!

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Naughty or nice? We think you deserve something sweet. Choc Peppermint, Cherry Pie &Eggnog froyo @ most locations!

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We're feelin' the holiday spirit!

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The newest addition to our family of holiday flavors now available at select locations!

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Check out this gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake yogurt pie Leo made at our Lakewood location! #YoPie

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Chocolate Peppermint #YoPie, your ultimate crowd pleaser this holiday!

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May your Monday be short and sweet! {Salted Caramel Yogurt} Thanks to mrs_suleivani via Instagram for this photo!

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NEW additions to our holiday favorites at select locations: Cherry Pie & Graham Cracker yogurt!

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Caught up with the wonderful ladies of over slices of Yumilicious Yo-Pies!

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Here's how to make a Yumilicious impression at the holiday party this year! Custom order #YoPie @ select locations

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Savoring final spoonfuls of Pumpkin froyo before it's out of season!Thx to theamydavis via Instagram for this pic!

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Better weather coming our way!Time to start planning those holiday parties w a YoPie!Thx to for the pic!

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Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela.

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Layers & layers of love! {Chocolate Elvis #YoPie: Choc&PB Froyo, Banana, Oreo Crust} Thx to TheresaC for this pic!

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Look who's back for the holidays!

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"In heaven!" {Thanks to dags1410 via Instagram for this photo!}

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Taking a break from #BlackFriday Frenzy! {Thanks to dosjuan86 via Instagram for this photo!}

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Today we give thanks to all our friends, family, and YOU, our wonderful fans! We wouldn't be here without you.

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Mmmm....Even in cold weather! {Thanks to krnxchnmix via Instagram for this photo!} #FroyoLove

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