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Lmao that Twitpic got my mentions poppin in 15 min

Apparently that's what she said

Excuse me do you have this in a men's large?

Kids Viagra

Corn man stays slangin in the hood

Yo anyone ever tell you that if u did heroin & meth for 3 years u would look like mom on The Shining

Filet mignon kabobs ftw

Gingers have NO SOUL

Shitty situation in the Target bathrooms, evidently

I'm jealous they don't make wedgie free panties in my size

Lmao at thisssss guy

Nice crack

Chowwww lol. 151 shots

You know you got some good eats in store when this is the scene at my pad

I can't post the 1st part of the convo but helllllaaa made me laugh

My girl is super juiced, I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast

Parents are straight camping at football practice in this 100+ heat lmao

Sup man, nice sweater.... Oh.

Forgot all about Drake being on the Simpsons too, not just Degrassi High

Your profile just screams "trust Mel RT : No it aint sidekicks nd bb are da shyt