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I'm just here to more or less see what everyone else is up to... Plus, I am irrevocably Robsessed! I'm just saying, lol!

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Hey chica! How are you? I have another pic to start off this lovely Sunday with... Enjoy!

Having dinner at the Crepe House on Washington. Yummers!

Help me? How can I freaking live after seeing this pic??? Good God, Jesus Christ Almighty! I'm a sinner.

Hiram, this reminds me of you!

Found a cherry pie at a McDonalds in nowheresville... Now if it was fried I'd be in fast-food heaven! lol

Just drove thru Jeepers Creepers territory! Scary... Just glad it wasn't night.

They're magically delicious... I ended up with green milk!

A face only mother could love...

Just hung up the biggest Edward pic ever in my room! Now he'll constantly be watching me with that brooding look... LOL

Here is how I boarded my flight on JetBlue! lol

Who wants to date this guy?!? Yeah, I didn't think so. I think there's a line between nerd and just pathetic. Lmao

Betty White on SNL is hilarious! At 88 years old she's working it out. Here she is on the Delicious Dish. LOL!!!

Has anyone here ever heard of Dr. Steve Brule?

Hannah is such a drama queen! I'll let her off the hook this time since it's for her prom... lol

Taken from EW: Avatar DVD becomes the fastest-selling Blu-ray of all time. How do you say "Suck it, Hurt Locker" in Na'vi?

I suspect it was a big ol' gut! Was it this girl!? lol

Ever wonder what happened to Doggie Diner? Mystery solved! Unfortunately, no hot dogs in sight... Damn.

I designed this awhile ago but completely forgot about it! I call it Eye Candy! I wonder why? lol

The only part I hate in Remember Me! Why Tyler WHY!!!

Dragged my BFF to watch Remember Me for his bday! What a better way to say I luv u then through Rob and his hottness! lol

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