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Yes , I think everything is so god damn funny

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you're a funny mofo

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in my case every one of them is "rapist"

" "Police, School Officials Warn of Stranger in Van Approaching Kids" this van?

you don't say...

I never made a mistake, once I thought I did but, I was wrong.

Can't a statue smoke a cigar in peace?


Happy Birthday

I picked up a Jordy Nelson Jersey for $10 last week, pretty fly for a white guy!

If you liked Burt better than Ernie, I'm sorry we can't be friends.

Aladdin joke

after hearing everything I think Braun got lucky and he should just let this fade away.

I got a 3 day ban for posting this on my facebook page, nothing like a good old fashioned Curb Stomp

Ryan Braun or believe Dino Laurenzi Jr. Is telling the truth as well, thank God for technicalities.

Sports fans outside Wisconsin are some of the most unhappy people on Earth, Brauny is innocent

Sweet Ryan Braun shirt, the Chuck Norris of the MLB.

you seem like a smart girl?

you know the rules...and so do I

stop it!

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