I like long walks and little things made of glitter. I also enjoy short walks and I hate glitter. I'm complicated.

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In honor of Shark Week here is a Sneak Peek of new items coming to the Summer Shop for a limited time!

  • 1993 days ago via site
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Last minute Sneak peek of the LightningCat items for this week's release!

  • 2000 days ago via site
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Logo for the upcoming Movie Plex release. Lightning! Lightning! LightningCats GOOOOOooooooo!

  • 2000 days ago via site
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Magical Sneak Peek of the Harriette Popper Release at the Market Street Mega-Plex. This is just a SAMPLE!

  • 2014 days ago via site
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This probably gives away WAY too much- But I don't care.

  • 2016 days ago via site
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Super Sneak Peek of the summer items!

  • 2021 days ago via site
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Me and Super Death hanging out this weekend. BFF's!

  • 2024 days ago via site
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Super Sneak Peek of the next Trial of Super Death - What am I saying - It's a major spoiler!

  • 2028 days ago via site
  • 402

Secret Sneak Peek of this weeks release. Aand no - whatever you THINK it is - I can assure you, it's NOT..

  • 2031 days ago via site
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Looky at what I've done for this week. Gak! It's awesome!

  • 2035 days ago via site
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Ok i caved - here is a super peek at this weeks awesome release. Can u guess what it is? No - it's not that.

  • 2038 days ago via site
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Thyton just handed me this new drawing that I knew had to be shown. I give to you SUPER DEATH. Enjoy, but beware. Super Death has his eye on you

  • 2045 days ago via site
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Aww - Look what followed me home. He's precious and a sneak peek of this Friday's release.

  • 2049 days ago via site
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Sneak Peek at this weeks release. Things are getting Buggy!

  • 2052 days ago via site
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Sneak Peek of the War items you'll find while playing in #HeroSmash

  • 2062 days ago via site
  • 595

Sneak Peek of some of the HIYA! PANDA items! DN's show the Head morphs for it.

  • 2063 days ago via site
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This is the weapon designed by my little guy! Following in his daddies footprints.

  • 2076 days ago via site
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A little update - Zazul Hat - Monkey Back - and the Clown Hunter Unleashed Sword

  • 2077 days ago via site
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Thyton just turned this sweet drawing in. This is going to be the Alligator Man in Zazul's Cirque du Muerte. I can't get my yellow hands on this!

  • 2079 days ago via site
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Sneak Peek at a new armor to be available in HeroSmash Beta. Big props go to for this Ice-Tastic Armor.

  • 2097 days ago via site
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