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Come home from running errands to find my cat got into the craft box.

Got a cool looking clip-on earring? Use it as a bookmark.

Did this to my cat. She was not impressed.

My niece wrapped up her sandals in this awesome moustache duct tape!

Best. Thrift store find. Ever!

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One of my favorite parts!! LMFAO #InBruges

Gasp! Vampire kitty. I must slay her while she sleeps!!!

This book was in a pile of stuff my aunt gave us.. What in the world...

My nephew's 6th b-day is tomorrow! He's gonna lose his shit when he sees this!

You guys...

Dammit! My avatar blinked!

Found my tape recorder & random tapes! Super duper!

My fav part of the #circus was the motorbikes in the cage! Those guys were badass!

My 8 yr old niece & 5 yr old nephew rode one! Awesome!!

During intermission at the circus, people got a chance to ride an elephant!...

My niece caught a grasshopper. I think it pooped on her after this pic. Lol

Got this bomb ass Adventure Time watch for 5 dollas at Walmart! Ya heard!