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I like Tom Waits, Street Fighter and the movies of Sergio Leone.

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In an ironic move this is how my work's complaints team leaves their toilets

Logic Pro is mind-blowing and I've not even scratched the surface of the fancy stuff yet. I can enter tab!

Thirty-five pounds second hand, hurry up and go bankrupt properly pls

Big love to for my secret Santa this year :)

Today's impulse video game purchase I'd almost forgotten about has arrived \o/

Thank you work colleagues for the lovely card

I walk like a motherfucker

I'm a little drunk but I'm sure I'm playing a game where a cat is shouting through a megaphone at a massive schoolgirl

It's just a pound shop guys but put some effort in, eh?

Why would my telly insist on squashing an RGB SNES signal like this? It's maddening, is this unique to my shit telly?

Have you seen this? I don't have a FB account to read the rest but a friend sent me this

A box of Super Nintendo games came from Japan today and made me happy. I am 31 years of age.

Download this using the internet and listen to it

Thanks to video games I know how to say "explosive penguins" in Italian, should I ever need to

A Hip-Hop/Rap mix with Ennio Morricone and Jimmy Nail. Great job iTunes

How do I end up keeping shit like this and losing the useful thing I was actually looking for?


Just ran Mario Bros. 3 in native res on my phone and had a geekgasm when I saw how tiny it was. Gadgets!

Oh hai