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Happy Valentines team. I give this bouquet of flowers to the Iceman.lol!

I choose a flower for you, symbol of purity. ^^

The scenery is indeed evergreen... 44 and still a beauty. He never grows old. #HappyBirthdayHyde

Happy happy birthday Hyde. May you have many more yrs ahead w/ L';Arc~en~Ciel.xD I luv you.^^ #HydeBD

For the love of your voice and the intensity of your gorgeous big eyes. All the best! #HydeBD2013

The the lovely Princess,may u have all the best things a life can unfold. Happy Birthday Hyde. #likeaboss #HydeBD

To the one and only Hyde whom annoys me more than anyone.lol! Cheers bb, u know I'll always luv you.^^ #HydeBD

To one of the most talented man every graced my world, thank you for introducing me to JRock HYDE~

Happy 44th Birthday Hideto Takarai "the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" #HydeBD

Yeah, why #MattLeBlanc? It could be #JudeLaw interviewing #Kimi.xD

She's stunning and gorgeous <3 #ThatHamiltonWoman

Ryuutarou's image was that of a patient in a psychiatric ward.lol! Fits INK/Rorschach motif IMO.xDDD #PlasticTree

"Neither gods nor men, they are angels..." --- I feel like re-reading the manga.xD #AngelSanctuary #Lucifer

And remember, the truth that once was spoken. To luv another person is to see the face of....xDDD

D'aww.... Tatsurou w/ Kaoru. I didn't expect to see them together.xD #MUCC #DIRENGREY

This #Gavroche lacks the spunk but he's a sweet & tough/brave kid.<3 #LesMiz

Here's #LesMiz, not BluRay but HD-ish nonetheless. Frm the #Epilogue scene except Marius/Enjolras.^^

IKR!xD I couldn't find Chloe in my pictures.xD Just one here~

He was exotic & ethereal in Weiss Kreuz esp w/ his eartails.lol! He looked way kick ass in SideB tho.