If only closed minds can with closed mouths

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  • 2029 days ago via site
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Barbara White, your bigotry knows no bounds, you're a pathetic example of a human being.

  • 2037 days ago via site
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Poor lionrose. I just knew Babs would turn on her one day, she's done it to everyone else. :(

  • 2039 days ago via site
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Wait for it folks, she will start crying VICTIM any minute now..

  • 2041 days ago via site
  • 64

Here is the supposed victim saint_barbara using her Bio to bait and harass, not to mention spread viscous lies. I wonder what her friends at Point Piper would think if they saw this?

  • 2041 days ago via site
  • 51

And here we are again folks, more childish insults, LOL!! from these screen captures it's easy to see who has the "issues"

  • 2043 days ago via site
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this makes me PMSL,faceless? this comes from i-pod-coverz / Poddy /Wounderfullalice
Fifi-506 / Sir.shallot / Dela.mencha / Wiff-woof & now fancy_nancii, mind you this is only the ones I'm aware of.

  • 2048 days ago via site
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More mad utterances from within the padded cell

  • 2048 days ago via site
  • 55

Note the hypocrisy? Note the background?

  • 2050 days ago via site
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MORE insults from our "poor innocent victim"

  • 2055 days ago via site
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There you go viewers.. yet another addition of Babs Bio BS. Is this the words of a "victim" ?? ..

  • 2056 days ago via site
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saint_barbara bio tweeting her jealous venomous hate from behind a locked account, says it all really

  • 2058 days ago via site
  • 38

Aaawwwwwwwww... LOL!!!! rejected daily?

  • 2058 days ago via site
  • 63

takes a pathetic pot shot and makes yet another ridiculous accusation

  • 2058 days ago via site
  • 42 Baits using her Bio. Not something a real "victim" would I would of thought.

  • 2058 days ago via site
  • 93

Here's Babs underling or lionrose.7 on showing how loyal she is to her master. even prepared to compromise her own morals?

  • 2059 days ago via site
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Oh look! our so called "victim" throwing more personal attacks, spired on by her good friend You must be so proud of your "underling"

  • 2059 days ago via site
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make a total hypocrite of herself. Name calling? you win the crown there!

  • 2060 days ago via site
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Some of our so called "victim's" more aggressive tweets, retweeded to preserve the evidence.

  • 2060 days ago via site
  • 63

"The Victim" saint_barbara makes even more assumptions and publishes them as fact. Character assassination, indeed!

  • 2060 days ago via site
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