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[[YA-HI-RA]] yajaira is way cooler than YOU!!! :) :) :) get to know me and you'll see!!!

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:::: Makin ✌️ Moves ::::

Slowly ((but surely)) I'm turning into a morning person!!

Gnite bitches

What kinda fckery is going on here?! Where's my #BlackTwitter ?!

Heyyyy iOS 7 #FaceTime trippiness

Time for some good night dreams ... && then wake up to iOS7

Oooooo thanks for making this pic 100% sexxxier

I feel like this is me nowadays... Only 29 more days until #NewYork tho CAN'T WAiT!!!

When u feel like just giving up

Mmmm #GreekSalad

Meh. Not too too shabby after over a week of laziness.. Gotta get better tho!

#GinnieSprings this past weekend // Before the Storm LOL

We sat in the very back [shitty i know] BUT it was still awesome #JustDoiT RT : I really wanna see the xx..

Woke up feeling Fantabulous thanks to serenading me all morning

Oh SNAP!!!! likes my #Aokify skills AYYYYEEE

Dat B3.