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U/D. Few lightly injured. BH. #Israel

Jerusalem: Rechov Chaim Ozer fire & a gas tank exploded. Report of ppl trapped and serious injuries. #Israel

Going with 1 under. Great job by #BSSP #NYPD. Perpetrator possible wanted for other crimes.

Birubiz'an Chabad Shliach Eliyahu Reiss collided W/A truck during a big snowstorm & temp -22 is out uninjured.

Sad! Person about to get killed but taking a picture is a the priority 1.. Great job

Monsey NY snow all day so far.

Some big snow flaks for a brief period. 11:20am #wsjsnow temp fell to 39 so far.

Earlier today by being Menachum Uvil. ????? ????? ?????#Israel

Bad MVA in KJ with severe head trauma taken by chopper to WMC.

Most of #Israel is getting some heavy rain att. #weather via MTI radar

Picture just taken now, out heros doing the morning Prayer Shachrit on the southern border

Betar: 60Y/O is critical inj after #terrorist attack her car with stones & then gun fire. #IsraelUnderFire

Our heroes! Did you do the Daf today? This is our weapons!

The Building in Rishon L'tzion with sever structural damage. #IsraelUnderFire

Clear picture of the difference. #Pillarofdefense

Direct hit on 4 terrorist hiding in media building Amazing how Israel watches so much not 2 hit any civilians

#Brooklyn battery tunnel now both lanes with cars due to the heavy traffic. #NYC

Montreal shul was again broken in last night, large amount of money was taken. #canada

The sun is trying to push thru the heavy fog. #Brooklyn

Williamsburg #Hatzala asking the public for help on getting this perp that broke into da HQ and stole laptops