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Some women were made but me, myself I like to think that I was created. Listen to @Y0UR_Heart n follow it =)

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I think Yo Gabba Gabba sends subliminal msgs to the kids cuz she be ALL IN the TV when it's on...bless her eyes

Look at Ava's triceps. She aint nothing to play with...

What I came home to...he said "For No Reason"

#RainyDay still goin out to get my 2 for 1 Arizonas


Ava lookin cute n lost in B dubbs. Oh and thats behind her, she's our waitress =)


I gave Ava a ponytail lol

New hair color.!!

I'm always kissing and staring at Ava in her sleep...I'm such a creep (hey that rhymed)

Look at this big ass beater Dona has. I could wear this as a dress lol

....yea so um just look at me.! Lol awww Im so cute

Just PLEASE let me straighten this back part lol..she's only 10 months tho =(

Me looking into your soul..

This is beyond random/weird but Ava's feet are sooo small. They the size of a lemonhead box..

The Bridesmaid lineup! Well from the side (Im the 3rd in the red)

Yea so um I def made a wrong turn somewhere....LeRonda got meeting her in the trap yo

She's been watching me too much.! Def my child

#PrettyGirl =)