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W.I.P. Xzero's Revenge. CC Welcome!

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The Magmos Dragon -AQ3D Monster Design Contest

Larger Png ver can be found here

  • 725 days ago via site
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Thanks bro love the armor! #DagesLegion

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Last W.I.P. till im done. Added the Zerames Dragon head.

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W.I.P. Playing with fire is dangerous unless, your awesome like the Zeramos Dragon head :)

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W.I.P. Having far 2 much fun with this! :P This one is the Zeramus dragon head.

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W.I.P. This is what I got so far I am sure there will be changes as I go along wings tails legs ect.

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Here is a Dragon head sketch I did. IDK if I will use it or not yet.

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AQW Armor Design: Scorpion Necross

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W.I.P. Lil more done also a ruff* of the big tail. CC welcome.

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W.I.P. No name yet, going to add a giant tail with a stinger on it for cape more little tentacles ect. CC welcome

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I am having way 2 much fun with this...

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HAHA all of you guessed wrong! Its an Evil Tree Imp thingy!..........ok.. I have no clue either!:P

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Started playing with the basics of Sculptris! Who does this look like?

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Dage The Evil VS Nulgath

-The 2 most awesome characters ever created in AE history are ready to face off for the Oblivion Gate and the entire Underworld! Who will win? Who will loose? #DagesLegion #NulgathNation Ladies and Gentlemen lets get ready to rumbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuule!

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A pencil sketch of Dage the Evil. Dage the Evil was created by Steven Griffin!

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W.I.P. Epicocity LVL Increasing! Time to add Dage in this VS pic!

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A pencil sketch of Nulgath! Nulgath was created by Milton Pool!

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AQW Armor Design: Legion Shaman

-These Fiend Hunters from a long lost tribe were one of the first to plee to for power. They now utilize there mystic magics as guardians of Legion treasures and artifacts in the Underworld.

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