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same. #sc2 might be hard from up here.

Life lesson learned. Cannot eat a Japanese dinner for two. Mommy, please make the food stop coming.

How many people can play at a photo hunt at once?

I've been walking on this carpet for a week and had no idea how creepy it was...

Guess who broke the plane... Here's a hint:

Haha I made the big time... Errr screen. #XP2011

#XP2011 Ahahahahahaha!

#XP2011 looks entranced. apparently has seen it all before.

#XP2011 finally getting to share some details of #MW3

#XP2011 opening ceremonies

#XP2011 getting ready to tweet opening ceremonies.

Not a shabby view from the hotel if I do say so myself.

Well look at this...

PSA: is new to twitter and trying to recruit new followers. Her goal is to take a picture with every one!

Btw... #BF3

Suck it trackpad! ;P

WTF!?!? 1 and 4 and it placed me here????

And beer boiled brats for dinner. If I only had some cheese curds...

missing out!

Pancake cookoff rating being defined.

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