I write to appease the voices in my head. I dream because without dreams, we die. I'm a purveyor of the snark. I embrace my geekdom.

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This kid has questions...


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Leftover pizza and beer for dinner. I. Am. America! *creepily turns towards the camera and smiles.*

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Leftover pizza and beer for dinner. I. AM. AMERICUH! *creepily turns towards the camera and smiles*

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I have 666 followers. This can't be good. #TheDebil

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Received an email from my local shelter, screaming in huge font: WE HAVE KITTENS TO ADOPT!! I want the orange one!

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Enjoy this picture of a poodle wearing a Snuggie. As for me, I'm going to get more alcohol.

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Meet Dr. Giorgio Tsoukalos. He's awesome because it looks like his hair is being fondled by an invisible Flow Bee.

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This was hidden behind the healthy stuff. Oh, hell yes!

I heard Vladimir meowing, assumed he was hungry, dutifully went running. Turns out, he just wanted some company.

I have no idea where this postcard picture of Jesus came from, but, it's been in our downstairs bathroom forever

Hey, Subway? I can get a free cookie from my kitchen. But, thanks.

I'm meelllting! This shit is ridiculous!

I'm meeelllting! Seriously? This shit is ridiculous!

The cat on this brand of litter looks a bit asshole-ish.

... And I'm out ordering coffee. Ridic!

This is the current temp in the house. Suffice it to say, I'm taking my sweaty ass to a hotel, tonight.

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