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Man. July. L. Blue. 7. Sarcasm. Half ASIAN Half WHITE Half SWEDISH. Irony. Sex. I don't keep @'s don't be upset! PIN : 28DAE52[?]

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I love my car so much today...

- Hey, what is this? A box?
- No! This is not a box! This is a REALLY USEFUL BOX!
God I'm bored... At work...

Bianca & Me at the movies. 3D bitches!!

She got a fat ass!!!! ( cc : )

"Do you like Mike & Ike? Where your boyfriend at? So listen....... Can I have your number??" ( )

& wassuuup!

Introducing and me! You HAD to be there!!! #Urban bitches!!!!

wassup! Lunettes en soirée!! Normal!!

Je mentais pas ( cc : )...

Someone got me that new shirt ahaha!

Et pourquoi c'est TOUJOURS mon casier qui doit prendre toutes les blagues??!!

Bamm 32°C ! I told you! ( cc : )

At work, bored, getting a quick (lousy) massage without even asking. Just forcing her did the trick...

Ovni/Ufo at Gare du midi

Life is great huh?... That exactly what I'm telling myself


'Drink Squirt' / 'The best head in town' ?? What kind of restaurant is this? PAUSE! Lol

I said #Foodgasm !!!! (Cc : ) #Bamm

Bet money is not complaining anymore... #Foodgasm right here!

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