Crazy people don't know they're crazy. I know I'm crazy, therefore I'm not crazy.// The fine line between genius & insanity. I have erased it.// #Insane

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Apology level -9000.. If she has to use a dictionary to understand the apology then you're not sorry

Hello Kitty helium balloon!! :D

You literally can't walk a single step without seeing a cross..

Here's the chapel..

"And here's a labyrinth" Me: "It's a cross.." What, does it represent the journey to find Christ?

There are literally crosses everywhere..

This is how Pretoria does their KFC drive-thru. #LOL

View from Cape Town International Airport <3

Mugetsu! (I'm gonna draw it)

I just opened my eyes to my cat staring at me.. I think he wants me to get up.

This manga is called Bastard! yet in Chapter 30 is the first time they've used the word..

hear hear!

Seriously, translators, seriously? How are those shuriken??

Japanese: Gaaa. Sfx translation: Baaa. : "oh dear they turned those letters into sheep"

my phone was with my hamster in his cage..

Rainbow! :D and a faint second one

Whoever did this is a bloody genius! Jelly beans on the up-escalator! XD

I see your school.. Its to the left.. The car was moving ok


Lunch with these two amazing people: :D