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Revamped Xaayer on my new template

  • 1202 days ago via site
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Working on a suggestion on my new template

  • 1216 days ago via site
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Using my new templates I have made a male barbarian :P Thoughts?

  • 1223 days ago via site
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The templates I've been working on

  • 1228 days ago via site
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Just some random things

  • 1239 days ago via site
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A simple spear to test random effects

  • 1241 days ago via site
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idk lol experimenting with less lines. Wanted to do a simple beam weapon and it turned into an evil and good variant

  • 1241 days ago via site
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A throwback to the first sword I drew Xaayer with. I hate it.

  • 1242 days ago via site
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Updated my symbol

  • 1243 days ago via site
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Some random sword I made in five or so minutes.. nothing special

  • 1249 days ago via site
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this one

  • 1250 days ago via site
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lolz still working on this thing

  • 1256 days ago via site
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Part of something I'm working on lol Chibi Ralzic :3 isn't he the cutest PureFiend ever? (\*3*)/

  • 1257 days ago via site
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This is a WIP This pretty much started as just the weapon... I hate the shoulders and it is a W.I.P. Any ideas for what to add to her?

  • 1273 days ago via site
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A peek at Nemesis :3 The purple one is Niohla the Eon Fiend in her evolved form. (Xaayer is fighting Ralzic evolved). This was supposed to be a fight mainly between Xaayer and adult form, buuuutttt he never sent over his .FLA...so ya lol

  • 1355 days ago via site
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Baltimo as well! Xaayer's right hand, er, woman lol hoping they can both be put ingame as I start working for the GS team

  • 1446 days ago via site
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Xaayer the Grey Knight in GroveSpire style! So, yeah...this is a thing now. I'm on the Grovespire team /woot I'll still be doing my animations tho

  • 1446 days ago via site
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For any artists out there. A template of a burly fiend. I haven't seen a template for this body style yet. I took apart an earlier draft of a Zenith Fiend and made a halloween-themed template for anyone who wishes to use it. Made from scratch with a lazy face and silly shoulders. The colors are pumpkin-y :D If you do use this template, I'd love to see what you come up with. Also let me know if I should put one up that is more blank

  • 1458 days ago via site
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Size comparisons for the titan beasts and monsters of the Abyss. The Red guy is done, just wanted to show how the Azathoth of Nulgath compares in size to him and to normal people. They're big. The red one is a Wrath Void Beast; a creature that blurrs the line between void beast and void fiends. Normally they would be seen carrying the smaller fiends such as Eon fiends and Zion Fiends into battle on their backs, laying waste to all enemies in their way. Their fighting style is ALWAYS berserk but not without thought. They are unmatched and when they are in great numbers, not even the combined power of Good and Evil would be able to match their brute force. Even though they seem unarmored and unarmed, they are well-versed in magic and have many spells of protection cast on themselves while they are capable of summoning even more dreadful entities from the abyss. Though, with claws like those and teeth like theirs, it isn't often that they must resort of magic to attack.

The Azathoth of Nulgath is still a WIP (If you couldn't tell by the legs >.<) but despite their immense power and stature, they are more thoughtful in general and take a more scientific role in Nulgaths' horde, specializing in research and not fighting. Not to say they aren't capable fighters, they are. Various teeth, spikes and sharp bones can erupt from anywhere on their body making for a nasty surprise for any attacker.

  • 1461 days ago via site
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Returned to my Azathoth of Nulgath character. He would have been the perfect match to the Legion Pitkeeper titan I did in GIMP, but I have even less interest and admiration for the Legion now than I did when I first made that legion titan, so I doubt I'll ever finish it, but at least I still care about #NulgathNation and I hope to finish this soon.

  • 1463 days ago via site
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