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Lotsa red reppin the Bay. #BeatTheRams Let's Go Niners! (clap-clap-cl-cl-clap)

The Knucklehead Challenge at Knucklehead Diner, as seen on Man v Food.

Bling and gloves, for running SJ and SF Giants races.

Don't eff with me! I have my brass knuckle.

The SF Giants 2012 World Series Ring

I'm feeling like a Jr Giant with all the small people down there.

Yes, they let my mom out like this. Don't ask.

Girls in short skirts, balls, groaning, and a lot of racket, I think tennis. (You gutter mind.)

Here at the Bank of the West Classic practice and qualifying.

The 49ers are giving us a free bag for games. It's like a ziploc. I think, TSA will be security at games.

I got a fortune cookie that gave me 2 fortunes. Too bad, I can only read half of each.

If we were in Disneyland, I'd say this was Cruella Deville. But I'm in SM, so weirdo.

Here's the Twinkies. Where are the Ding Dongs and Ho Hos?

Star Wars fans really need to get one of these.

I saw this Matterhorn Macaroon on the Disney Blog today, so I had to get it.

I blew by you to get to the Blue Bayou and eat some gumbo.

This Dumbo just bought this.

UFC 162 at MGM Grand Garden.

Fountains and Fireworks

Stone Crab